It’s Rapetime!

January 24, the day I lost my appetite for watching “It’s Showtime”, a noontime show here. It was going so well until Vice Ganda made the rape joke.

I know that Vice Ganda, a gay comedian, was already known for his insulting and sarcastic comedic style. Jokes that fit gay bars, or comedy bars, since he original came from there. Many people idolize him, but bashers will always be there. There are still people who hate his insulting jokes. I wasn’t the latter, not until the rape joke.

Back to January 24. During their “Sine Mo ‘To” segment, they required a lady from the madlang people (audience) and if they can show their talent, a prize awaits them. A lady was called, she was wearing a very short pencil skirt. It didn’t really look skimpy until Vice Ganda asked her to sit down with him on the floor. Do you actually expect her undies to cover themselves? You effing made her sit on the floor! Then Vice Ganda said it. “Ayan! Kayong mga babae kung magsuot ng damit ang ikli-ikli tapos magagalit kapag na-rape”. (“You girls like to wear skimpy clothes but when you get raped, you get mad) I really can’t remember the exact words. Oh yeah, I can totally imagine nodding heads after that joke. It was arrogant, ignorant, stupid, below the belt, insulting, idiotic and a brainless joke.

Guess what, nobody complained. No one said a word in a nation where people instantly get whiny when an uncalled word is heard, where people got mad when a student, who probably lost her temper, has made a scene in a public place. Not even any women’s party-list or organization made a comment. It’s not okay if a guard was shamed publicly, even if we don’t know the real story, but it’s okay to publicly blame rape victims for getting raped?

When Osang, who guested as a judge in showtime, has said something against teachers, the show got suspended. Everyone was so mad with Osang. Yet today, when it was said by the most-loved gay comedian, it was like nothing happened. It was like we don’t have millions of victims of rape. Like it doesn’t happen everyday.

The probable reason here was that, it was the same day when Anne Curtis, a co-host in showtime, apologized publicly to another celebrity when she made a joke that wasn’t really directed to that celebrity. The apology made fans go berserk. It was the news for the whole week. People have decided to invest their time and energy in a brainless celebrity gossip, which I’m sure those celebrities don’t even care how they were being judged by other people. It was more important than the gay who was probably misinformed about rape. If someone needs to apologize, it is Vice Ganda.

I don’t care if it was a joke or that’s how Vice Ganda sees rape, but it sends the wrong information. It was like telling all rapists, and wanna-be rapists and sexual maniacs, that it’s okay for them to rape girls because it is their fault. How about the victims of rape? It will seem like it was their fault, that they liked that they were raped because they are sluts. Rape victims asked for it.

I will always say this; even if a girl walks in front of you, naked, if she doesn’t want to have sex with you, you f*cking don’t force her! You don’t have the f*cking right.

See? I told you what that rape joke can do to me. I don’t usually swear.

Since then I stopped watching It’s Showtime, even if I like it a lot. That’s how hardcore I can be when it comes to what I stand for. Though, I still tune in from time to time to see Karylle and Anne’s fashion. I can’t laugh at Vice Ganda’s jokes anymore, as I have seen how low he can get with joking. Okay, I still laugh when it was a joke between him and the other hosts, but if it was just him trying to be funny, I just want to throw the television.

I have seen some tweets regarding that rape joke, it was nice to see I’m not alone. Also, I tried to contact MTRCB, who’s watching every wrong move of the shows here. I failed. Oh wait, they failed their mission.

Maybe I am making a big deal out of this, but that’s how it’s supposed to be. Rape is a big deal. It was controversial but it didn’t make the headlines.

It will always remain a mystery to me how something like that can be ignored.

FYI: Even guys get raped.

January 24, the day the war started between me and vice ganda. I am no longer a fan. He’s already forgiven even without apologies, maybe I wil laugh again someday but I will never see him the way before.

End of rant.

And recently on the news:

Around five gunmen wearing masks burst into a beach bungalow where 14 tourists were staying late Monday, tying up seven Spanish men and raping the six Spanish women while sparing a Mexican woman.

Mass Rape at Mexican Resort News

So, were those girls wearing skimpy clothes? May we ask for Vice Ganda’s opinon on this? Because according to him, girls get raped because of what they are wearing. If you are covered from head to foot, are you safe from being raped? No, because you don’t get raped because of what you are wearing. You get raped because there are assholes in this world, and they use their dick as their brain, and they have this uncontrolled libido running in their veins.

So can someone please give this gay the right information about rape. We don’t another ignorant asshole, do we?


12 thoughts on “It’s Rapetime!

  1. Jiggy Manicad, a respectable journalist and reporter twitted this: “Para kay Vice Ganda, personal ko ito. Hindi joke ang salitang “rape.” Pakiretweet po hanggang makaabot sa kanya.”

  2. I liked Vice Ganda at first, but after learning his sense of humor at comedy bars (he shames audiences), well, I’m like, No!

    • Ako naman di ko siya gusto dati, not a hater or anything, wala lang talagang pakielam, but my relatives like him a lot so medyo nadala na rin ako. Pero ngayon di ko na ulit siya gusto hehe

  3. Fame is power. And sometimes these so-calles “celebrities” use their fame as an excuse to make senseless and borderline idiotic remarks and pass them off as humor. Isn’t it ironic that he dresses and acts like a woman does yet he does not show the respect that women deserve, especially when he insults them with remarks like the ones in question here. Vice Ganda’s fame rides on the public’s approval. And it is up to the audience/us to put him in his rightful place. He makes jokes for a living, but if he keeps on crossing the line wih his tactless remarks then he should be stopped. An apology to that lady he so wrongfully insulted, and to the female population as a whole, should be in order. A petition should do the trick.

    • Ironic indeed. I actually called out Vice Ganda and some of his showtime co-host in twitter. I don’t know if they didn’t see it or they saw it but ignored it. I just hope it wasn’t the latter. I’ll be disappointed, mag babae pa naman sila. I also emailed mtrcb. No reply.

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